Free Baby Shower Printables: Games, Activities, and Planning

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Shop Baby Shower Game Sheets

Not interested in printing out your own baby shower games? Keep it simple with these pre-printed game sheets. All you will have to do is supply the pens and the prizes and you'll be set!

Animal Gestation Guessing Game


Shop Baby Shower Bingo Games

Short on time? Check out these pre-printed Baby Shower Bingo cards, so there's no need to have your guests create their own cards and the game will be ready to go when the first gift is ready to be opened!

Baby Charades

Baby Item Memory Game

Baby Name Race

Baby Shower Pictionary

Baby Shower Scramble

Baby Shower Word Search

Shop Baby Word Shower Search

Keep things easy and simple - here are some pre-printed baby shower word search games that you can purchase ahead of the event so you'll be prepared without any extra stress.

Ice Breaker "Get to Know You" BINGO

Guess How Many Contest

Name That Baby Animal

What's in Mommy's Purse?

Shop "What's in Your Purse?" Game Sheets

If you're a bit short on time and don't want to print out the game sheets, then consider some pre-printed game sheets that cover a variety of themes - all you'll need to do is provide the pens and instructions!

Who Knows Mommy (or Daddy) Best?

Advice Cards for Mommy or Parents to Be

Shop Advice Cards for Parents-to-Be

Here are some awesome and adorable pre-printed advice cards that you can purchase so that they're all ready for your event. Just add some nice writing instruments and let your guests figure out the rest.

Diaper Raffle

Shop Diaper Raffle Tickets

Pre-printed diaper raffle tickets are great because you can just slip one into the baby shower invitation and viola, your guests will know about the raffle! And it also serves as a cute way to track who brought diapers so you can collect them all and draw the winner.

Wishes for the Baby

Shop Wishes for the Baby Cards

Writing out wishes for the baby is a sweet way for guests to impart some advice for the little. These pre-printed cards make wonderful keepsakes for the parents until they are ready to pass them along to their child.

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Free Printable Baby Shower Games

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