Owl Baby Shower Theme

Wise little owls make an adorable baby shower theme. Owls can work with either gender or if the parents want it to be a surprise.

An owl themed baby shower can also work if you are planning a baby shower centered around books, like a build-a-library theme. Little owls and books go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Owl Baby Shower Invitations

An owl-themed baby shower is a popular baby shower theme, so you will probably be able to find a few different designs to choose from no matter what type of invitation you decide to go with.

Write-in invitations are an easy and affordable way to go, but it can start to get tiresome if you are inviting a long list of people.

For a long list of guests, you may opt for getting personalized invites printed. By printing the invites, you'll definitely save time, but it may cost more than if you chose write-in invitations. Other invitation alternatives include evites, postcard-style invites and, of course, handmaking your invites is always an option.


You have a range of options for decorating an owl-themed baby shower. A first considerion for determining decorations might be the color scheme you are choosing to go with. You can opt for colors that match your owl of choice, whether it's blue or pink or brown. Choosing a simple color scheme then adding a simple pattern make a good foundation for building a theme inspired event.

For example, if you're going with pink owls, then matching pink polka-dots, pink stripes or a pink/white or pink/gray chevron can be the repeating pattern that you use throughout the venue. Then sprinkling your little owls around some focal points of the party or among your stations will be icing on the owl-themed cake.

If you are opting for a book theme, then using books as a foundation for decorations and little owls as extra decorations can work splendidly. While people often associate owls with thick, dusty library books, you can choose to decorate the party with classic baby books instead.

If the shower is going to be taking place during the winter, then you can specifically choose a snowy owl for your baby shower. Winter decorations looks great with an owl twist, pinecones become seeing little owlets, a Christmas tree can house little owl ornaments as party favors, and a fireplace mantle can be decorated with nests that house curious little owlets.

Games and Activities

An owl themed baby shower can include a lot of different games and activities that play off of the "wise" theme or even book theme if you are pairing the two themes together.

Here are a few activities that you might consider including with your baby shower:

Owl Themed Baby Shower Favors

With an owl-themed baby shower, there are lots of ideas that will work for baby shower favors. Here are a few that you can consider:

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