Lumberjack Woodland Baby Shower Theme

A lumberjack woodland themed baby shower is an adorable way to welcome a new baby into the world. This theme works particularly well for a baby boy and can be a great theme for soon-to-be parents who love the outdoors and camping.

A lumberjack themed baby shower can also work for a fall themed party because the elements of this theme are usually warm and cozy - perfect for crisp fall weather.

This baby shower theme can also work for a co-ed and kid-friendly baby shower. It's certainly not an overly frilly theme, so guests of any age won't feel overwhelmed with too much cute-sy stuff.

Lumberjack Baby Shower Party Goodies

Make planning a lumberjack baby shower easy with these party additions. If you're not crafty or are short on time, then adding a few adorable lumberjack elements to the party can be a great way to keep the theme apparent.


Lumberjack themed invitations are the perfect way to announce the baby shower theme to your guests. And if you are using the theme to announce the arrival of a baby boy, then what could be more manly?


Decorations for a lumberjack woodland themed baby shower can be so much fun! Think forests, think nature, think camping, think warm and cozy, think plaid - all of those things would work for this theme.

Here are some lumberjack themed party decorating ideas to get you started:


A lumberjack themed party can definitely have games that play off of the woodsy theme.

Some simple lumberjack themed baby shower games can be the usual printable games with the signature red plaid to tie in with the theme.

Name that Baby Animal

lumberjack baby shower animal game lumberjack baby shower animal game answers

Who Knows Mama Bear best? / Who Knows Daddy Bear best?

who know mama bear best game who knows daddy bear best game

Food and Drinks

With this theme, you can definitely have some fun figuring out a menu for your guests.

If you are hosting an outdoor baby shower or have a backyard to work with for your event, then you might want to include some outdoor games. Bean bag toss, darts, horse shoes, ring toss and other similar type games would be a great way to keep everyone entertained - especially if you are planning a family-friendly party.

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