How to Choose a Baby Shower Theme

One of the best things about throwing a baby shower is getting to choose the baby shower theme. A baby shower theme can be as simple or extravagant as you'd like. The hardest part will be choosing just one. There are hundreds of amazing themes to choose from, so with a little bit of thought and research, you'll be able to come up with the perfect theme.

Before locking in a theme, you should think about how you'd like to incorporate the theme into the shower. There's the invitations, decorations, food and drink items, party favors and more. You may have to get creative if you want the theme to be prominent throughout the baby shower, but there are lots of ideas you can find to make it all work.

Along with considering how to tie the theme together, you should also think about how your mom-to-be will like the theme or whether the theme will work for all guests.

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Here are some aspects of choosing a theme that can help you to narrow down the best choice:


An important aspect of deciding on a baby shower theme will be running it by the mom- and dad-to-be. You want to throw a shower that they will love. So if the expectant parents are expecting a baby girl, but are not fans of pink frills and lace, then a whimsical princess-themed baby shower may not go over as well as you think.

So it's not a bad idea to run a few theme ideas by them. Although if you want it to be a surprise, then you don't have to give them your final theme choice, but offer them a few and ask if any of them would be okay. Or they may want to be surprised! If that's the case, then have a blast choosing the best shower theme ever!

Multiple Baby Showers

If your expectant parents come from big families and have tons of circles of friends, then they may actually be having multiple baby showers in their honor, in which case you might not want to choose the same theme as one of their other baby showers.

You might ask them if they are expecting other showers and if they are, then if they know what theme the other shower has chosen. I think it's a polite gesture and it let's you make sure that your theme will be original.

Women-only, Co-ed or Family-friendly Baby Shower?

Another consider when brainstorming some fun themes is whether the baby shower will be for women only or a co-ed shower, meaning it's open for both women and men - so husbands and boyfriends are welcomed to come too. Along with guys, will you be opening it up to kiddos too?

If you are inviting men and kids, and making it more of a family-friendly baby shower, then your theme should also be appealing to all ages and genders. That being said, a fanciful tea party theme may not bode well with a co-ed guest list or a guest list with a lots of tumbling tots.

Along with a theme that'll work with all of your guests, you may want to brainstorm games and activities that may appeal to guests of all genders and ages. Or you can make sure that you have activities that are optional, so there's no pressure to participate. If there will be kids coming, then you should consider the different ages of the young guests and think of some activities to keep them occupied in case they get bored.

Time of the Baby Shower

The day and time of the baby shower may not strongly influence your choice of a theme, but it can complement the shower if it does. For instance, if the shower is going to be in the late morning, maybe a brunch-type shower, then a You Are My Sunshine theme might be really fun. If it's a late afternoon/evening baby shower, then a Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star or a Rubber Ducky themed baby shower would be really adorable and you can look for decorations to help enhance the time of day with your chosen theme.

Seasonal Themes

Considering the season you are having the baby shower can be another aspect of the party that can help you decide on a theme. For instance, a springtime shower can be all about rainbows and raindrops. An autumn baby shower can be about sugar and spice and everything nice. There's so much you can do by incorporating the season into your party. If you live in a place that experiences all the four seasons, then it'd be so lovely to play off of the current season with a themed baby shower.

When choosing a seasonal theme, you also have the advantage of having seasonal decorations readily available to purchase or you may already have seasonal decorations that would work. And you can also craft a baby shower menu that includes seasonal fruits and vegetables or some signature seasonal dishes to further celebrate the season.

A Few of Her Favorite Things

To honor the mom-to-be, you might want to choose a theme based on some of her favorite things. A build-a-library baby shower might be perfect for a bookworm. A woodland theme would be adorable for an outdoorsy couple who loves to camp and hike. An Under the Sea baby shower would be just lovely for a mom-to-be who loves the ocean, scuba diving or swimming. So consider your guest-of-honor and her favorite hobbies, likes (and maybe her dislikes) so you can figure out a theme that will both surprise and delight her in its originality.

Baby Shower Theme for Multiples

If your guests of honor are expecting twins, triplets or more, then you can certainly use that to plan your baby shower theme. A common baby shower theme for twin is Two Peas in a Pod because it's so fitting and so adorable. Another twin-inspired theme idea includes a Dr. Suess-themed baby shower with Thing 1 and Thing 2, which are characters from The Cat in the Hat. There's also a Double the Fun theme, which is a play off of Wrigley's Spearmint gum jingle.

Gender Neutral Party

If the parents are keeping the sex of the baby a surprise, then princesses and moustache themed baby showers are not an option. But don't fret, there are a ton of neutral baby shower themes that will be lots of fun to plan. Baby animal themed baby showers work out well for either a boy or a girl. Some other gender-neutral party ideas include ones that focus on the mom-to-be, like an About to Pop baby shower or a Bun in the Oven baby shower, so don't worry about not knowing the gender, there's still plenty of wonderful baby shower theme ideas that will be just as fun to have.

Gender Reveal Baby Shower Party

A growing trend among expecting parents is having a gender reveal party. This is an event where the expectant parents invite family and friends to a party to reveal the gender of their baby. Sometimes a gender reveal party is a separate event from the baby shower and sometimes it's at the same event. So if you are throwing a gender reveal baby shower, then your main theme throughout may be whether its a girl or a boy. Some cute gender reveal party themes can include a What will it Bee? theme that is all about honey bees. Or just a simple pink or blue would definitely work.

More Baby Shower Considerations

A list of common baby shower themes is a good place to start when you're brainstorming your own theme. Each theme listed includes some ideas on decorations, games and menu items for you to consider. Each theme is different, but you can pull elements from different themes and personalize them to the theme of your choice.

Games are almost synonomous with baby showers. From cheesy to hilarious, baby shower games are a fun way to get guests involved and can make the event more fun with prizes and general silliness. There are some great baby shower games that are easy to put together and a lot of fun to include, check out these baby shower game ideas for some options.

Baby shower activities are another way to get your guests involved. Activities can range from low-key ice breaker games to special messages that guests can write to the new parents for memory book purposes. Here are some activities that you can include in your baby shower that may be a fun alternative if you would rather skip the traditional games.

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