Ahoy, it's a Boy!

Ahoy, it's a boy is a super popular baby shower theme that works perfectly if you are considering an under-the-sea type theme for welcoming a baby boy.

This nautical theme can also be perfect for a baby shower that also doubles as a pool party. The theme works with any season, but can work really well with a spring or summer baby shower.

With this theme, you can pull ideas from similar themes, like an under the sea theme, a nautical theme or even a bit of a pirate theme.

So many possiblities!


Red, white and blue are standard colors for a nautical themed baby shower and make for a classic palette of colors because you can usually find those three colors easily at any party supply store. Even choosing elements of those three colors throughout the party can help in tying the theme together without necessarily needing nautical-themed goodies.

For example, red, white and blue streamers are a low cost way to include the colors of the theme throughout the party. If you want to add more pizazz, the consider looking for a streamers in those colors that have a fun pattern, like red/white stripes or blue/white polka dots.

To break up the monotony of the red, white and blue colors, then you might consider adding some green streamers to represent seaweed or kelp around certain areas of the room.

If you have a blank wall to use, you might consider decorating it for photo ops. The green streamers can be twisted along the wall in different lengths to act as seaweed under the sea.

Red, white and blue banners or garlands are another simple way to keep your nautical theme throughout the party. If you are making the banner or garland yourself, then you might consider using twine or very thin rope as the "string" add a bit of interesting detail to your decorations.

Food and Drinks

ahoy its a boy

You can get really creative with the food and drinks menu for an Ahoy, it's a boy themed baby shower. Here are some nautical themed menu ideas to help get you started:

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