Baby Shower Themes

Choosing the perfect baby shower theme is no easy task. The baby shower theme you choose will dictate a whole lot of everything else like the baby shower invitations, baby shower decorations and maybe even the party favors and menu. So you have a lot riding on what theme you eventually want to go with.

Here is a list of baby shower themes for you to start considering:

Ahoy! It's a Boy!

Ahoy, it's a boy! Looking to make the big announcement in a seaworthy way? Consider a nautical theme with the catchy little phrase, "Ahoy,it's a boy!" So there will be no question about whether it's a little girl or a boy, then get ready to celebrate with your guests in a fintastic way!

Baby, it's Cold Outside

If you are hosting a baby shower during winter, and there's a chill in the air, then consider playing off a favorite holiday song, and host a "Baby, it's Cold Outside" themed baby shower. Welcome your guests with roaring fire, some comfort food and a hot cocoa bar. If you are hosting it at your place and it's already decorated for the holidays, then there may not be a whole lot more you gotta do as far as decorations go.


A baby-q is a perfect baby shower theme if you are planning a casual backyard baby shower. Baby-Q baby showers are fun because there's less pressure to have a traditional baby shower with all the games and silliness, and it's a great theme if you are planning inviting families and not just an all-women baby shower.

Cute as a Button

A Cute as a Button themed baby shower is a fun theme for a crafty group. Creating button-themed items and decorations can be easy to do and it's a genderless theme that will work for a boy or a girl because, let's face it, all little babies are as cute as buttons.


Everyone loves elephants! Elephants can make an adorable baby shower theme for any gender. The typical color scheme for elephant themed showers is gray and then whatever color may represent the new baby, typically gray and blue for boys, gray and pink for girls, and gray and yellow for a neutral theme.

Little Pumpkin

A Little Pumpkin (or lil' pumpkin) theme is perfect for an autumn baby shower. With cinnamon and pumpkin spice infiltrating the air, a pumpkin themed party can be scrumptious and cozy. And who doesn't just swoon over the itty bitty pumpkins at the grocery store? Having those pumpkins be your main decorating element makes it easy to make this theme a winner.

Lumberjack Woodland

Throw a warm and cozy lumberjack and woodland themed party for your next baby shower. Perfect for welcoming a little boy or for a fall or winter themed party.


Are the parents-to-be expecting a little man? Throw a super dapper baby shower with bowties and mustaches to help welcome the little gentleman. Here are some cute ideas to make your baby shower a memorable one.


You could do no wrong with choosing an owl themed baby shower. Owls are wonderful and cute little creatures that work well with upping the adorable factor on your baby shower theme. And an owl theme could work really well with a boy, girl or surprise. As owls are often known for being wise, you can incorporate books or letters into this theme and totally have it all work. If you want to do a build-a-library theme, then an owl could be the perfect mascot for your baby shower.

Pink or Pretty in Pink

If your mom-to-be is expecting a baby girl, then there's no theme that'll be easier than having a pink theme. There's so much room for creativity if you go with a color theme. With so many shades of pink, you can go totally girly and frilly or you can go with fuschia and hot pinks to make your party theme pop. Either way you go, a pink theme for a baby girl is a well-loved classic.

Ready to Pop!

A Ready to Pop theme can work for a boy or a girl. This theme can be focused around popcorn or balloons or both. A Ready to Pop theme is also an excellent theme if you are inviting women, men and kids because people of all ages love popcorn and balloons. If you're looking for a simple, yet fun, theme that you can put together quickly, then pop on in and check out this theme.

Rubber Ducky

Rub a dub, dub there's a baby in the tub! A rubber ducky themed party is a classic idea that will work for either a boy or a girl. The iconic yellow rubber ducky makes a for a great signature decorating ornament. The colors of yellow, blues and white make the theme a fun and bright theme with endless possibilities.

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star can be a lovely baby shower theme for either a boy, girl or a surprise. It can also work for a baby shower theme for twins or more. Just change the wording to Twinkle, Twinkle Little Stars and go from there. If you are having an evening baby shower, then the theme might be more than perfect.

Under the Sea

An under-the-sea baby shower theme can be magnificent if you're expecting a little girl. It would work for a boy as well, but you might consider an Ahoy! It's a Boy! theme that can still incorporate a lot of the under-the-sea theme ideas.

You are my Sunshine

A very adorable baby shower theme that would work for a boy, girl or be gender-neutral. This can be the perfect theme if you are hosting a morning baby shower or a brunch baby shower because your menu can focus on breakfast items to go along with the theme. With the theme colors of yellow, white and shades of grey, you can really put together some bright and fun decorations.

Virtual Baby Shower

Is distance a factor in your baby shower celebration? If you are living far from family and friends, then don't fret, there's still a way to celebrate the arrival of your little one. Hosting a virtual baby shower is becoming a popular way to celebrate a new baby, and with the advances in technology, it's even easier to make sure that everyone can be included in the festivities.

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