Baby Shower Invitations

The baby shower invite offers guests all the information they will need for the event. It is also a great way to set the tone for the shower, whether it's casual or more formal.

The invites you choose can also help to share the baby shower theme, which is always fun! If you plan on having special activities or games that require some preparation from the guests, then an invite is the best way to share that information.

When sending out the baby shower invites, you want to make sure that you give guests ample time to clear their calendar.

To be on the safe side, you should aim to send out invites about 5-6 weeks before the party. This will give guests plenty of notice and extra time if they need to shop for a gift, grab some diapers for a raffle or choose a dish to bring if it's a potluck.

Depending on what type of invitation you decide to go with, you'll need either a mailing address or an email address for the guests from the expectant parents. If you're planning on including registry information, then knowing where the parents-to-be are registered will be helpful too.

There may be special preparations needed depending on what type of invitation you decide to use, below are some of the most popular ways that baby shower hosts share the party information with the guests.

Pre-printed Fill-in Baby Shower Invitations

There are lots of adorable baby shower invitations that are pre-designed for you to just fill in the basic information. These types of invitations can be found at Target, Amazon and other big-box stores in the stationery section. Some of theses invites also offer matching thank you cards, which can be fun to keep the theme consistent even after the party is over.

With pre-printed invitations, you'll just need to fill out the who, what, where and when. This can be simple, but it can also be time consuming, especially if you have a lot of guests you are inviting.

Depending on the type of invite that you choose, there may not be a ton of room to write in all the information that you'd like to include. So you may find yourself writing super tiny or writing on the back of the invite, which can end up looking a little cluttered.

So when choosing pre-printed fill-in invites, you might look carefully at the space alloted for the information to decide if it will work with what you want to include. Another option can also be to include a supplemental sheet with the invite to include any extra information that didn't fit neatly into the spaces.

Another downside to pre-printed invites may be finding ones that match the theme that you have in mind. Most of the baby shower invitations offer common themes, like pink or blue, and animals or a rain shower theme, but if you were hoping for something more original, then you may not be able to find it in the pre-printed options available.

Personalized Baby Shower Invitations

Personalized baby shower invitations are another option for invites. Invitations can be printed locally at a stationery store or ordered online.

With a personalized invitation, you have a ton of options as far as designs go, there are templates that you can choose and then modify to fit your theme or style. You may even be able to include pictures of the parents-to-be, which would be extra adorable!

Personalized invitations may be the priciest option for invites, but depending on how many guests you are inviting, it may not be that expensive - usually the more invites you purchase, then the lower the cost per invite. And with so many online printers, you can shop around for a good price and maybe even hunt down some coupons to use for your order.

If you decide to go the personalized route for your invitations, then you should take into account the time it will take to get the invitations printed. If it takes a few days, and then another few days to have it delivered to you, then you want to give yourself plenty of time to receive the invites, then get them addressed and sent out.

If you are low on time, then you might consider choosing an invitation place where they can address, stamp and mail out the invites for you. There are lots of places online that will happily send out the invites to your guests - for a fee of course, but then that would save you the time of doing it yourself. So there are certainly pros and cons to having personalized invitations printed, but it is a popular option.

Baby Shower Postcard Invitations

Personalized postcards invitations are becoming a popular way to share the news of a baby shower. With a postcard, you can still personalize it, but it will usually cost much less than traditional invites because there's no need for an envelope and postage is less expensive when sending out a postcard.As with personalized invites, try to give yourself plenty of time to have personalized postcards printed and delivered so that you can mail them off right away.

The great thing about postcards is that the guests will still have a cute something in the mail that they can hang on their fridge, and you get to save a couple bucks. A disadvantage to a sending a postcard invite is that you lose a lot of real estate for the baby shower information. You can only include the amount of information that would fit on the front of a postcard. So if you had games, activities or requests for the guests, then a postcard may not be the best way to spread the word.

DIY Handmade Baby Shower Invitations

If you are crafty, then you may opt to make your own invitations. They can be as simple or as fanciful as you want. There are four main costs for making your own invitations: costs of supplies, time and energy.

Then there's the cost of postage, and if you are using larger cards or adding a lot of card embellishments, then you should check the weight of your final card as oversized cards or heavy cards may require more postage.

As the shower invites should be sent about 5-6 weeks before the actual shower, then you should give yourself plenty of time to create the amount of cards that you need to make. If you are making handmade cards, they don't all have to be identical just so long as the information given to the guests are all the same.

So if you wanted to make extra special cards for the new grandparents, then do it! Although, keeping the design simple and all identical will make it easier when making and assembling the cards. Handmade cards can be an affordable option for invitations, especially if you already have crafting supplies.

Printed Baby Shower Stationery Invitations

At stationery, office supply and crafting stores, you can purchase specialty paper with baby-inspired designs and/or borders where you can print out your own invitations using your home printer.

With specialty paper, you'll be able to choose the font and layout of the invitation, and you can really customize it however you want. Printing out your own invitations can be really affordable as you can often buy specialty paper in bulk.

As you are designing the invite yourself, you can include all the basic information and even some extras, like photos of the expectant parents, a map to the baby shower location or other special or useful elements. With a color printer, you can dress up your invite with colors that match the paper design or use colored text to highlight important information.

Another advantage to printing out your own invites is that if you are often using a regular sized 8.5 x 11 piece of paper which means you can use a regular envelope to send the invite - so there's no need to buy special sized envelopes for the invites. If you are a whiz at graphic design, then creating and designing your invite may be a great way to go.

E-vites - Electronically Mailed Baby Shower Invitations

Electronically sent invitations are a perfectly acceptable way to send out baby shower invites nowadays. By sending out an electronic invitation, you are cutting down so many costs required of traditional invites, plus you only need the guests' email addresses, which can sometimes be easier to collect than mailing addresses. It's not only convenient for the host, but also for tech-savvy guests.

Sending out an emailed invite can be especially appropriate if it's an office shower and you can use company email to send out the invitations. It's also great for casual baby showers or a last-minute baby shower where you may not have a lot of time to have invitations ordered and mailed out.

While there are a lot of designs to choose from if you are considering sending electronic invites, there may not be the perfect design that matches your exact theme, especially if it's a unique theme idea, so be warned of that before going on the hunt for cute designs. Also, it can be hard to personalize the invitation with much, but many online invitations sites are offering options for you to create invites with animation, photos and other fun digital enhancements.

For emailed invites, you don't even need to go through a website to send them out. You might just send out all the information need through an actual email. Or you can use a simple invitation template to create an invite, then attach it to the email - viola - you got yourself an electronic invite!

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