Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Baby shower gifts are usually one of the main points of throwing a baby shower, especially if the shower is for a first born child.

New parents usually don't have baby items lying around if they don't have kids, so a baby shower is a way to help them not only celebrate the new addition to their family but also receive some much needed items for their baby.

Baby Shower Gifts for Dad

While it's common to shower the mom with gifts and support, let's not forget about the dad-to-be. Becoming a father is a huge change and can be very scary for a lot of men, so show your love and support by offering the expecting dad some gifts to help him with entering this new stage in his life.

Baby Shower Hostess Gifts

Did your baby shower host go above and beyond? Was your baby shower everything you imagined it to be and more? Then consider giving your host a big "Thank you" gift as a way to show your appreciation. A small token of thanks or even a special gift will let him or her know that you were grateful for all the time and energy that was spent in putting together your special event.

DIY New Mom Survival Kit

If you're looking for a super useful gift for a new mom that you can make on your own, then consider putting together a new mom survival kit. If your guest of honor is a first-time mom, then this can be a perfect gift for her!

The first few weeks after the arrival of a new baby can be the most difficult. A new mom is going to go through more than she could have ever imagined, and a kit that helps to anticipate those inherently first-mom experiences could be that lifesaver she needs at various times during those first few weeks.

Baby Shower Registries

Baby shower registries are common practice for new parents when preparing for the arrival of their little one. A registry is a place where they can include all the items that they need or want for their new baby. This is also a list for others who may want to purchase gifts for them.

So if you are short on time or gift ideas, then there's nothing wrong with purchasing a gift off of their registry. They've likely spent a lot of time putting the list together and may actually prefer guests to purchase from the registry because it will help them gather all their necessities faster.

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