Baby Shower Scramble

Baby Shower Word Scramble is a quick easy game to play at a baby shower. The game involves trying to unscramble words that represent baby-related things, like diapers, onesies, strollers, etc...It's a pretty common game because it is really simple to get together, all you have to do is print out the Baby Word Scramble game sheets and give each guest a game sheet and a pencil.

Two Ways to Play

There are a couple of different ways that you can play. You can give all of your guests a game sheet and pencil, then have them start at the same time (no peeking before start time!), then the first person who can figure out all of the words correctly wins!

If you have a lot of people who have played this game before, then you might end up with winners within a few minutes. Although, you may have people who have never played before, then you might not end up with a winner for 10-15 minutes.

Another way to play the game is to give guests a certain amount of time to figure out as many of the words as they can, then whoever has the most words when the time is up wins the game.

This way of playing is great if you have a lot of activities planned and you want to control how long each game takes. Or if this is a quick filler game between the mom-to-be opening presents and you don't want to make it a big event.

Although if you are using the game as a break for everyone during the unwrapping of presents, then you might be giving all the guests an edge because all of the words are baby items, and the gifts may help to offer some answers. So if you want to keep it challenging, then you might opt for playing the game before the gift opening event.

Shop Baby Shower Word Scramble Game Sheets

If you're short on time and won't be able to print out your own game sheets, then consider purchasing pre-printed game sheets to help prepare for the baby shower. With pre-printed game sheets, you'll be good to go!

Word Scramble Game Prizes

As this is a pretty casual game, you probably do not have to offer a huge prize to the winner. As this is a scramble game, you might offer a book of puzzles or word searches. Or just something simple like notepads or a scented candle. Depending on how you decide to play the game, you might need more than one prize.

If you are having the winner be the first person who completes all the scrambled words correctly, then you might be fine with having just one prize. But if you are timing the game, then you might have people who have the same amount of words completed at the end of the time limit, so you could have multiple winners, which might require multiple prizes.

If you're expecting a large crowd and predict there may be lots of winners, you could do a quick name drawing of all the tied winners to come up with just one winner - just make sure that you let the guests know ahead of time so they aren't grumbling in the crowd if they don't end up the ultimate winner.

Baby shower bingo is a great game to play during the gift opening portion of the shower. In this game, each guests gets a bingo card filled with common baby gifts. As the gifts are being opened, they mark off the items on their card. The first guest to get five across, down or diagonal shouts "Bingo!" and they win a prize.

Looking for a funny icebreaker game? Name that baby item is an easy game to put together and it will get your guests talking, especially the hyper competitive ones. Basically each guest has a baby item pinned to their back as soon as they arrive, they are not allowed to look at what the item is, but others can. Guests will need to ask other guests yes or no questions about their baby item unitl they can figure out what they are! First person to figure out their baby item wins.

Not a big fan of traditional baby shower games? Consider offering your guests some different baby shower activities instead of games. Activities are still a wonderful way to get guests involved and can result in the same amount of fun, but without all the silliness of a game.

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