Baby Bingo is a classic baby shower game because it's easy and fun.

It is also a great low-cost game that a lot of people can play, so if you're expecting a big crowd, then Baby BINGO can definitely be an easy game to put together. It's also a game that kids and teens can play, which is nice if you are expecting guests of all ages.

Along with all of those plusses, it's a game that is played while the mom-to-be opens her baby shower gifts. And so it turns a big part of a traditional baby shower into a game, which can make a sometimes two-hour event more fun. It might be hard for guests to swoon through twenty adorable newborn outfits, so a game to play during the gift opening can be a fun distraction.

With all of those positives, it's no wonder that Baby BINGO is a game that is played at nearly every baby shower.

Baby Bingo Materials:

How to Play Baby Shower Bingo

Each player is given a BINGO card and a pen. It may be best to pass out the BINGO cards and pens before the guest of honor starts opening her gifts.

That way your guests aren't awkwardly holding their BINGO card throughout the party. Guests will need a few minutes before the gift opening starts to fill out their Bingo card.

If you don't think that everyone wants to play, then you might just set the BINGO cards and pens on a table nearby and make an announcement to all the guests on where the materials are located, so if a guest wants to play, then they can just grab a card and pen themselves.

The baby shower BINGO card has a table of boxes arranged in a square, five across and five down. In the very center of the table is a free space, which everyone gets automatically, so you can put a placeholder image there to start. All the other squares will contain names of common baby items that are given as gifts, like diapers, socks, books and so on.

When the mom-to-be unwraps a gift that is on someone's bingo card, then that guest will cross out that box. The first person to get five across, down or diagonal yells, "Bingo!" The hostess checks the card and they win a prize!

For baby BINGO, you can often have more than one prize, sometimes three to five prizes makes it more fun because then more guests can win. So once the first person gets a bingo, people can keep marking out their card, then the next and third person to get a bingo are also winners. Usually after the first winner has gotten a bingo, the next few follow in quick succession.

If you want to make the game last a little bit longer, then you might choose less common baby shower gifts for the squares. For example, if you know the couple is expecting a girl, then you might include: polka dots, princess, bow, and other more specific items or accessories.

If it's a baby shower for a baby boy, then you might include: trucks, dinosaur, superhero, plaid and other boy-ish items.

If the gender is going to be a surprise, then you might choose common neutral items and themes like: something yellow, something green, stars, stripes, polka dots and other gender-neutral items.

Baby Shower BINGO Cards

There are a couple of ways you can provide the BINGO cards. The cards can be prefilled before the shower, so guest will just need to grab one plus a pen. If you are filling the BINGO cards out yourself, then make sure that you mix up the items so each card is different.

When making BINGO cards, it also helps to know how many guests you are expecting, so you can make the appropriate amount of cards - the last thing you want is to be short BINGO cards when the time comes, you don't want anyone to feel left out. And you probably don't want to make more Bingo cards than you need.

Another way to offer BINGO cards is to have your guests make their own individual cards. You can have a list of baby items on display and blank bingo cards where guests can pick from the list and create their own bingo card.

For the list of baby items, you want to make sure that you have at least 25 items for them to choose from, the more the better because that way guests have a lot of options of what items they think will make them a winner.

The advantage of having your guests create their own cards is that you are sure to have each card be different. It also makes it easier if you are unsure about the number of guests you are expecting because you can easily print off more blank BINGO cards if needed.

If you are having guests create their own BINGO card, then make sure you give them plenty of time to make one. And it might be fun to offered colored markers, so they can create a colorful card to play with.

Game Prizes

Prizes for a baby shower Bingo game can be simple, such some scented soaps, a body lotion set, a coffee mug or blank journal. If Bingo is the only game you'll be having at the shower, then you may choose to get bigger prizes, but usually this is a low-key game that is played while the mom-to-be opens up her gifts and the prizes aren't expected to be over-the-top.

To keep things really simple, you can choose 3-5 prizes (depending on how many winners you want to have) that are all the same so no winner feels gipped. Or to keep the baby shower prizes a surprise, you might choose a few different prizes, then ask the winner to choose which one they want and let them open it.

It could be a cool, little prize, but you can also include some silly gag gift prizes to keep things interesting. If the prizes are wrapped to keep them a surprise so that the winners have to open them, then it also breaks up the monotonomy of the mom-to-be opening gifts, which she may appreciate!

Baby shower word scramble is another quick and easy game that can be played by guests of all ages and is easy to prepare for larger baby showers. The word scramble game is where players try to unscramble the letters in order to spell out a common baby item.

If you are looking for a game that takes more than a few minutes, then you could set up and have a baby food guessing game. This is a game suited for smaller baby showers if you want everyone to play. Or if you have a larger baby shower, you can still have it and just ask for volunteer players and those brave souls will play the game while everyone else watches.

If you've already decided on a couple of baby shower games and are looking for other things to keep guests occupied at the party, then consider some of these baby shower actvities. Most activities are low-key things that guests can choose to participate in, and they may include helping to create a gift for the mom-to-be or entering a thank you card raffle.

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