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Baby shower games can elicit groans, fierce competitiveness or no reaction at all in guests - or maybe half, polite smile. While the tried and true baby shower games are nothing new, there's nothing wrong with playing some old favorites at your baby shower. It's always fun to play familiar games with different people, because it never ends the same way.

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Don't want to bother with printing out your own baby shower games? Then keep things simple by buying ready-to-go games that don't require any prepping. Here are some easy to play games that will be cinch for your next baby shower if you don't have the time to create your own baby shower games. Or if you would rather spend your time on crafting the perfect event menu or decor.

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Looking for a mega-list of baby shower games? Here it is! From simple and sweet to big and boisterous, check out this list of baby shower games where you'll be sure to find something perfect for your next party.

If baby shower games are really not your thing, then consider having some activities in place of games. Activities can be low-key and passive and not really about competing for a prize.

For the most part, a baby shower activity may be a way for guests to impart some advice for the new parents, write a special note to the little one, create something for the baby and more. Usually, it's an individual activity that can be a sweet addition to a baby shower game or in place of baby shower games.

Offering guests the opportunity to write out some advice for the new mom or new parents can be a really special activity to have available. Advice cards can be funny, serious or a little bit of both, but having a collection of thoughts just for the new parents make for a wonderful gift when the shower is over.

Help the new parents out by hosting a diaper raffle at your next baby shower. A diaper raffle is a way to allow guests to contribute a pack of diapers in exchange for a raffle ticket where they could win an awesome prize.

Invite your guests to help in the creation of a baby alphabet book. This all-ages activity will result in a one-of-a-kind gift for the parents and their new baby. This activity does require a bit of set-up and some supplies to put together.

There are plenty more baby shower activities for you to consider when planning out the baby shower. Some are simple while other may require some set-up, but all are great alternatives to baby shower games and can keep your guests involved without all the traditional baby shower game hoopla.

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