Baby Shower Activities

Baby shower activities are a great alternative to baby shower games. Or you can do a combo of games and activities.

Activities are usually a bit more low-key than baby shower games, and there often is not necessarily a winner for the activities.

An activity station can be something that guests can participate in that contributes to a group gift for the parents.

Here are some examples of some baby shower activities that you can host for your parents-to-be:

Advice Cards for Mommy or Parents to Be

Looking for an activity that will just melt the heart of your new mommy or parents-to-be? Consider letting your guests write advice cards for the new mommy or new parents. These cards can be serious advice, funny advice or just a reminder to cherish every little snuggle and every little kiss.

Alphabet Book Created by the Guests

A really special activity that you can include in your baby shower is having your guests help in creating an alphabet book for the new baby. Your guests can choose a letter, then draw a picture of something that begins with that letter. When all of the pages are complete, you can put them all together and present a one-of-a-kind gift to the expectant parents.

Diaper Raffle or Diaper Fund

One of the biggest trends in baby showers these days is including a diaper raffle at the baby shower. This is an optional activity where guests are either asked to bring a pack of diapers to the shower for guests can purchase a raffle ticket at the baby shower with the proceeds going toward a diaper fund.

Thank You Card Drawing

A really great way to help the parents out after the baby shower is to set up a station where guests can write their mailing address on thank you card envelopes or on address labels. This can save the parents lots of time when sending out thank you cards, which can be a great help with a baby on the way.

Wishes for the Baby

Wishes for the Baby is a great activity that results in some memorable keepsakes for the parents-to-be. Guests are asked to fill out a card that expresses their wishes for the new baby. Answers can range from funny to very sweet.

Activities for Kids and Teens

If you are inviting families to the baby shower, and you are expecting some kids in a range of ages, then you should consider planning some activities to keep them busy. They may not want to play to regular baby shower games, and may easily get bored and restless during the gift opening portion of the baby shower, so here are some activity ideas for kids of all ages so that all of your baby shower guests have fun things in store.

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